DDG Distribution

The service segment Distribution includes service elements for the structured and determined development and expansion of national and international sales channels.

Overview Service Elements

Distribution                                          Sales & Marketing:

Conception and implementation of all sales and marketing activities via a multi-tier approach.

Distribution Business Development:

Conception and implementation of development and growth activities.

Distribution Warehousing & Logistics:

Conception, coordination and implementation of all warehousing and & logistics processes.

International Sub-Distribution Development:

Acquisition, building and development of an international sub-distribution.

All service elements are kept scalable in terms of design and implementation, and adapted to the status, the country conditions and the dedicated objectives. For the use of dedicated resources, we provide vendors with funded-head programmes as required.

Additional DDG Service Segments


Services for vendors in the DDG distribution portfolio for the resource-saving and flexible implementation of the respective country-specific market approaches.


Services for customers of DDG distribution products for outsourcing and to build consumer demand and resulting channel sales volumes.