Holistic Perspectives in Distribution

DDG Distribution and Services Company

DDG is an international distributor and service provider focusing on the food and beverage market segments. With our holistic service spectrum, we accompany premium brands in international and country-specific market development and market penetration.

DDG Service Segments

Comprehensive distribution services form the core segment of DDG’s service spectrum. In addition, in each of the two complementary service segments Vendor Services and Channel Services, we offer tailored and scalable services for vendors and channel partners to ensure a holistic market approach and short time-to-market.


Distribution services for the structured and determined development and expansion of national and international sales channels.


Services for vendors in the DDG distribution portfolio for the resource-saving and flexible implementation of the respective country-specific market approaches of the vendor.


Services for customers of DDG distribution products for outsourcing and to build consumer demand and resulting channel sales volumes.


rhino’s energy drink

Since 2001, rhino’s energy drink is an internationally established premium brand in the field of energy drinks and functional drinks.

Being the exclusive, worldwide distributor and providing a comprehensive vendor services and channel services concept, DDG is responsible for far-reaching vendor functions as well as the complete, international market development and market penetration.


Domaines Kilger

Domaines Kilger form an association of numerous estates and wineries and are producer of premium wines and high-quality food, entirely from own sustainable viticulture, responsible rearing and conscientious workmanship to the highest quality standards.

DDG is exclusively responsible for the international distribution outside Domaines Kilger’s domestic market in Austria, and also provides dedicated vendor services and channel services in the overall concept.